our business is not to fathom the secret of the rose                                                                  our business is perhaps 
                                to float in the enchantment of the rose.
                                 let's camp beyound wisdom.
                               wash our hands in the ecstasy of a 
                                 leaf and set to eathing
                                   and be born again when the sun rises at dawn.
                               let's fly our joys.
                           let's sprinkle water over the perception
                           of space,colour,sound,window and flower.
                          let's set heaven between the two syllables of being.
                           let's fill and refill our lungs with eternity.
                          let's lift down the burden of knowledge from 
                          the shoulders of the swallow

                      كارما نيست شناسايي (( راز)) گل سرخ
                كار ما شايد اين است
                      كه در(( افسون)) گل سرخ شناور باشيم.
                پشت دانايي اردو بزنيم.
                       دست درجذ به يك برگ بشوييم وسرخوان برويم.
                      صبح ها وقتي خورشيد درمي آيد متولد بشويم.
             هيجان ها راپروازدهيم.
                      روي ادراك فضا؛ رنگ؛ صدا؛ پنجره گل نم بزنيم.
                      آسمان را بشناسيم ميان دوهجاي(( هستي)).
                 ريه راازابد يت پروخالي بكنيم.
                   باردانش راازدوش پرستو به زمين بگذاريم.

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