Not a “fire”

Which you can turn into ashes

By pouring a handful of water,

Not a “lie”

Which you can innocently believe,

Not a “motto”

Which you can naively recite,

I’m a “poem”!


Not an old song

Which you can easily forget,

Not a tired instrument

Which you can play harshly,

Not a yesterday memory or a tomorrow image

Which you can review in a few seconds,

I’m “today”!

Like an unwritten poem but unforgotten,

Like the tear drop which fell down your eyes,

Like the pollen in the wind’s hands,

I’m a “myster.



نه آتشم كه به مشتي آب خاكسترم كني

نه دروغم كه معصومانه باورم كني

نه شعارم كه ساده دلانه از برم كني

من شعرم !


نه آوازي كهنه ام كه از يادم ببري

نه سازي خسته

 كه به زخمة ناسازخويش بدري

نه خاطرة ديروز و خيال فردا

كه آسان از برابرم گذري

من امروزم !


مثل شعري نگفته اما نرفته از ياد

مثل اشكي كه ناغافل از چشمي افتاد

مثل گرده هاي گل در كف باد

من رازم !



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